Reverse/Straight Tuck: Ideal for side and/or top loading of any good such as frozen foods, dry goods, health and beauty products, electronics, office products, etc. Window application is available for product visibility.

Sleeve: Offers an alternative to a full folding carton allowing increased visibility of the product. Ideal for hot and/or frozen food trays, chicken roasters, and other containers. Sleeves are often made with handles for convenient carry-out options.

Tray: Either collapsible or pre-formed, trays offer many fast food and bakery industries a quick and durable serving solution.

Blister/Backer Cards & Door Hangers: If your product needs to be hung by a pin at store level, a blister card is a great way to display your product safely, while including graphics for branding. Door hangers are a popular way to spread awareness and offer samples of your product to the greater public.

Six Corner: This traditional box with a hinged lid is perfect for any frozen or fresh food item. To further secure items such as cupcakes and muffins, an insert can be made to fit inside the box.

Not interested in a traditional design? We’ll gladly help you design a packaging solution that will be functional and unique.